Want to solve Boulevard SE's safety and traffic problems? Tired of the speeding commercial trucks, the cars flipped on their roofs, the drivers who break state law and refuse to stop at crosswalks for pedestrians?

Neighbors, are you tired of your house shaking, your windows rattling, and the clanging vibrations of trucks going 45 mph and up?

The City of Atlanta is accepting comments and a "vote" on their website through Febuary 26, 2021 concerning possible improvements to Boulevard SE in Atlanta City Council District 1, between Glenwood Ave and McDonough BLVD. 

Slow Down Boulevard, Inc.'s official position is that the lack of traffic calming solutions by the City presents a horrendous and life threatening safety issue to everyone who traverses or lives on Boulevard SE.

Our lives and our property are at risk, and we will wait no longer. 

Please vote in favor of the sooner plan that would include a significant road diet, a bike lane, and would preserve on-street parking.

Transportation Commissioner Josh Roan has spoken out in favor of a plan that would not even begin for at least 5 more years and for which the possible federal grant moneys are not guaranteed. District 1 Council Member Carla Smith has, in public meetings, referred to life saving measures like crosswalk signals and complete streets as "bells and whistles" as if these are merely nice to look at rather than life saving solutions. Everyone on the City's side has made voicing our concerns as difficult and opaque as possible. They violated our right under the First Amendment to speak and address our government by censoring our voices in what are supposed to be Federally required community input meetings. They even disabled the ability to post questions in the chat or Q&A features in the online Zoom meetings, as well as ending input on their patently confusing and misleading "questionnaire". 

 The City of Atlanta cannot put people's lives at risk any longer!!!

Please go to the City's comment card for the proposed project, add your comments, and vote "I Support" and select the "18-24 month Road Diet" option.

We will not be silent.

Go here to view the City's full proposal.

Help Make Boulevard SE Safer!

Get Your Yard Sign Today!

All proceeds go toward the purchase and installation of 6 flashing "your speed is" signs along Boulevard SE within Grant Park, between CVS and the Beltline.

Cost $20/sign

Send via Zelle to slowdownboulevard@gmail.com


Send via Venmo to @slowdownboulevard

Please include your email address in the message window when you send funds, so we can contact you about where to pick up your sign!!!

Once we receive your payment and your email address, we will email you within 24 hours with directions to a convenient, safe, and contactless location to pick up your sign.

(Please check your spam folder if you don't receive the instructions within 24 hours then email us directly at slowdownboulevard@gmail.com. We're volunteers doing this manually in a pandemic. Thanks for your patience!)‚Äč

Don't live on Boulevard? No problem! We'd love for you to put a sign in your yard anyway. Odds are, if people are driving anywhere in the Grant Park, Cabagetown, Reynoldstown, Chosewood Park, Ormewood Park, Benteen Park, Old Fourth Ward, or Peoplestown neighborhoods, they are likely to drive down Boulevard SE too. All awareness helps!

Slow Down Boulevard, Inc. is an independent, non profit (501 c3), community advocacy group, dedicated to creating traffic calming solutions on Boulevard SE between I-20 and McDonough. Our mission is to increase awareness of Boulevard SE's 25 mph speed limit in order to stop the endless speeding of cars and trucks on Boulevard in Grant Park that repeatedly threatens the lives of pedestrians, cyclists, pets, and other drivers and to make our neighborhood safe for all who live here or pass through. 

Our initial aim is to raise funds to purchase multiple flashing "Your Speed Is" signs along Boulevard SE between the CVS and the Beltline. By purchasing one of our "Slow Down" signs you are helping to calm traffic while raising the necessary funds to purchase the permanent flashing signs. 

There are also plans in the works for Slow Down Boulevard t-shirts, bumper stickers, and more. If you are interested in these other items, please check back!

Our intention is to work independently but in cooperation with the Grant Park Neighborhood Association, A Safer Boulevard, and the City of Atlanta to make our street safe. As we achieve success, we are open to expanding our efforts in future to our Grant Park neighbors between I-20 and Memorial Dr and then on to our fellow Boulevard friends all the way to Ponce de Leon.

One of the many traffic collisions on Boulevard in Grant Park, photo by a neighbor